Vow Renewal Celebrations

Celebrate your life's journey together by honoring the one you love through a renewal ceremony or a marriage blessing. Many couples are renewing their vows to celebrate a life-time of love and devotion and to strengthen their relationship. A long term relationship is something to be proud of and couples need to celebrate that with their closest family and friends!

There is no wrong time or reason to renew. A wedding anniversary or any special day is a wonderful time to tell the one you love that you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Your renewal celebration can be casual or elegant. Whatever your style or preference, the ceremony should be a reflection of how you feel about your marriage. Some couples wish to renew their original wedding vows or you may want to create new promises to each other. A wedding ring blessing or the exchange of your original (or new) rings can be a beautiful part of your ceremony.

Imagine your children and grandchildren watching and sharing in the recommitment of your promises to each other. Children may feel honored to be included in the planning and preparation of the joyous day. What a wonderful example of devotion for your family to be able to witness this amazing accomplishment.

Let your unique renewal ceremony help you to continue making meaningful memories with your family and love ones. Embrace your past, present and future together.